Hello! My husband, 8 month old baby and I are about to embark on 6 months of travelling around the world together. I can barely close my suitcase, in fact clothes are spilling out of it as we speak. I can’t move the suitcase I packed for our baby, where I’ve crammed in clothes, steraliser a blender (just in case)  swimming gear, lots of packets of wipes, and a heap of other things I can’t remember  just now but was convinced she needed.  My husband’s bag is going to have to hold nappies, emergency Ella’s kitchen pouches, play mat and toys, I’ve told him he’s going to have to go without many clothes  as I haven’t left him much room. He’s not impressed .


I’m excited but scared, thoughts such as ‘what were we thinking?’ ‘we’re crazy!’ ‘what about our routine’ ‘How am I going to cope without my NCT buddies’ have all gone through my head. However, off we go tomorrow.

I’ve decided to document our time travelling around the work with baby so we can later look back on our experiences and laugh and see how we coped, that’s if we do cope.  Plus, if it can help anybody else who is also travelling with their baby then all the better.

Here’s our route

London – Dubai – Jordan – Sri Lanka – Thailand – Hong Kong – Shenzhen -Shanghai – Borneo -Kuala Lumpa – Melbourne – Auckland – Tahiti – LA – Mexico – Dallas – Miami – London

Fingers crossed we all survive!