Travelling with a Baby on British Airways

I flew British Airways before when Saskia was just 4 months old and I thought they were amazing. Admitidly it was only to Switzerland and the flight only lasted was only 1.30 mins long from London. But British Airways staff treated us like royalty. We boarded first, staff couldn’t have been more caring and helpful.

The good things about travelling with British Airways with an infant

1.  Well if you’re travelling with a baby or child under 2 years old, you can reserve a seat straight away, you don’t have to wait for 24 hours before your flight to reserve your seats. Obviously we’ve reserved a bassinet, fingers cross she’ll sleep in it.

2. You can reserve a child seat or carrycot in advance free of charge if your baby weighs less than 27.5lbs.  However you have to reserve your seat in a carrycot position.

3. Your child/baby has the same checked baggage allowance as you!

4. If your child is under 2 you can also check in a car seat, stroller and their own suitcase.

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