Jordan is a fascinating country steeped in historical significance, having never been here I was excited but quite apprehensive about what travelling with an 8 month old baby to Amman, the Dead Sea,  Petra and Aqaba would be like. Finally after standing in line at Royal Jordanian airlines (they were ridiculously slow checking people in) and getting to the front, I was told that as it was a 3 and a half hour flight from Dubai to Jordan, no bassinets were available on the plane. Great, i’ve got a wriggling and very active 8 month old baby and the only place I can put her is my lap. We boarded on and we weren’t given the seats at he bulk head but seats in the middle of the plane. Thankfully the woman sitting next to me was friendly and didn’t mind saskia reaching over trying to put her book in her mouth. My husband and I took turns putting her on our laps and trying to entertain her but it was of course hard work, and with basically no leg room, putting baby on the floor to play was impossible. The 3 of us did however survive the flight to Amman without much crying but I was glad  the flight wasn’t longer.

Upon arriving at Amman airport, you then have to queue to buy a visa and of course they make you buy one for the baby, at £20 a visa, that was a quick £60 we had to part with. Once you’ve queued for your visa, you then have to queue up to get through passport control so more waiting around with a tired and bored baby. Finally though we made it through and got a taxi to Amman. Obviously taxis here don’t have car seats so we had to hold baby on our laps. Amman compared to Dubai (where we had just come from) is very primitive, the only good thing about Amman was that you could easily buy alcohol in an off license and the people were so so friendly. So many people during our trip around Jordan, came up to us and started talking to our baby, playing with her, kissing her and asked God to protect her, it’s really lovely and make such a refreshing change from London, which isn’t an overly child friendly city.

What you need to know about travelling to Jordan with a baby

1. In Amman and Aqaba, especially Aqaba, there are loads of places to buy nappies, formula and wipes, I’ve never seen so many pharmacies grouped together in all my life. If you can’t find Aptamil then buy NAN which is the equivalent, don’t buy SMA there’s been bad press about how they’ve changed the ingredients in the middle East so it’s more fatty.
2. There’s nothing in The Dead Sea area so make sure you’ve stocked up on baby essentials as you won’t be able to get anything there.

3. When you book your hotel make sure you get breakfast included. The buffet breakfasts have been a life-saver since 85% of food gets thrown on the floor it’s great to keep giving baby food so at least you know 15% of it has been consumed.

4. Bring plastic zip lock bags. I realise this looks very chavey but we’d put fruit and food from breakfast in them so we definitely had food for her for lunch.