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If you’re considering putting your baby/child forward to join a baby modelling agency, I have done a lot of research into finding reputable baby modelling agencies in London. A lot require an “admin fee” there are some that don’t but these seem to be even harder to get your child into.

Reputable Baby & Child Modelling Agencies that do not require an admin fee

1. Bruce and BrownThey have no joining/registration fees and your child does not require a portfolio. Amazing if your child is accepted!

2. Grace and Galor – Email your photos to with files to be no bigger than 1MB.

3. Kids London

4. Cheeky Monkey Models – No fees



Reputable Baby & Child Modelling Agencies that DO require an admin fee

1. Bonnie and Betty charge £60 + VAT and recommend having professional photographs taken with their agency photographer if your child is over 2 years old, which of course again means more money to part with. They also take  25% – 37.50% commission on all earnings.

2. Elisabeth Smith charge £185 plus you need professional photographs taken. They also take between 25% – 37.5% commission on all fees depending on the type of work.

3. Norrie Carr charge Babies under 3yrs £75 for inclusion in their talent web directory,which  includes a photo session.

4. Urban Angels charge £80 and take 25% commission from your child’s earnings.

5. Elliott Brown charge £30 + VAT for babies under 1 years old and £60+ VAT per year for children 12 months and over.

6. Kitsch Agency

7. Tots N Darling charge £100 per year.

8. Starfish Models charge £180 per year but this is deducted after your child’s first 2 jobs.

9. Scallywags charge £100 a year or £20 per month

10. Bizzykidz charge £180 for children, which include photos

What have youe expeiences been?

If you know of a baby and child modelling agency based in London that should be here or have any horror stories please write a comment below!

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