Avani Hotel Bentota, Not Very Baby Friendly

Bentota Sri Lanka

From the photos on booking.com you’d be forgiven in thinking that this was the best hotel in Bentota. Let me clear this up for you, it really isn’t. Out of the two 5 star hotels, the Taj and Avani, the Taj wins hands down.

We have an 8 month old baby so we obviously have a lot of luggage and a stroller even with this in mind they decided to put us on the top floor which has no lift. Yes that’s right there are no elevators at Avani Bentota. So I was gobsmacked, why they put us up on a top floor which means walking up lots of stairs holding a baby plus all the things baby needs is ridiculous. The room itself was dark and quite small and we are paying £200 a night! February is peak season in Sri Lanka so prices are sky high plus you have to add a whopping 26% tax to your room rate. We had to complain as obviously the room was just not practical and so got moved thankfully to a ground floor room that when you opened up the back doors you could step out right by the swimming pool. However they have an ant problem which isn’t great when you have a small baby rolling around the place.

The breakfast is the usual buffet but a much smaller choice than the Taj, I was quite surprised. The staff aren’t as friendly, the spa was not luxurious, which I thought it would be in a 5 star hotel. The 2 staff actually had an argument in front of me, the man was telling the woman she’d wasted too much time giving me a manicure so he started to help out doing my pedicure and when she’d finished painting my nails she told me to wait until they dried for 10 mins. The man not hearing this tells me to leave and says that they are in fact dry (hardly she just finished) when the woman comes in and then tells him that I had better stay in case there is a problem. So the man then tells me they aren’t dry, (make up your mind man, obviously i know you just wanted me out) anyway it wasn’t the best experience.

The Swimming Pools at Avani, Bentota

Whilst the swimming pools look lovely on photos they don’t really get any shade and there aren’t any fountains or water features to interest baby so they were quite boring. Unlike the Taj Bentota that did have fountains that our baby just loved.

The Bar

The bar is outside so obviously not air conditioned so our baby was not happy as it was just too hot and humid to be outside.


Is Avani Bentota Hotel Baby Friendly?

1.The breakfast buffet was quite poor for a baby I struggled getting food for her although they do provide high chairs.

2. The pools don’t provide shade and there’s no water features to entertain babies or children.

3. There’s no air conditioned bar so not good if you want to have a drink to relax as our baby couldn’t cope with the humidity in Sri Lanka even at night.

4. There were ants in the room, not good when your baby is trying to crawl and putting everything into their mouth.

So no if we could rewind back time we wouldn’t have booked here. Avani Bentota is more suitable for elderly and retired couples, it’s not a resort for children or babies really.

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