Can you buy nappies in Sri Lanka

can you buy nappies in Sri Lanka

Yes actually you can. Contrary to what guide books say you can actually buy nappies throughout Sri Lanka. We spent a few days in Colombo and had no problems finding Pampers, baby wipes and formula in supermarkets. We then went to Galle and again we found Pampers nappies in the pharmacy also formula (they are big on NAN formula here) and baby wipes.  Even travelling to Welligama and Mirissa we found papers nappies in their pharmacy.

We were apprehensive travelling here as I read nappies were not widely available in Sri Lanka but that appears to be rubbish. Nappies and formula etc can be found in any pharmacy and even local store.

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    • Hi Mary, actually in some some cities and towns nappies are quite hard to find. The guide books said that in Sri Lanka you’ll only be able to buy nappies in major supermarkets in major cities but actually you can buy them across Sri Lanka in pharmacies too, even in small towns.

  1. Hello,

    we are travelnig to Sri Lanka as well, with 8 month old baby in January 2015. Can u give some good advice about good place to stay? Thanks a lot”

    • Hi Andreja, If you’re going to Colombo then we thought the Cinnamon Grand Hotel was great, it has a huge pool with grass around it so you can play with your baby in the water and in the shade on the grass, which helped. Breakfast was great and staff friendly. Bentota was also good, as the hotels were on the beach and you also had grassy areas. Galle was great as there were things to see. I wouldn’t go back to Welligama or Mirissa nothing to do there and hotels not up to scratch. Hope that helps.

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