Vivanta by Taj Hotel, Bentota

What annoyed me greatly with the Vivanta by Taj hotel in Bentota and many of these so called 5 star hotels is that some still charge for wifi, its just so ridiculous in this day and age and it’s done purely out of greed. Profit outweighs customer satisfaction and what gets me is that you are paying a premium to stay in the hotel anyway and then if you want to use the internet you then have to fork out extra on top simply to use the wifi. We went to the Surf hotel just a 5 minute walk down the road for a drink and straight away free wifi for anybody to use and that’s how it should be. The Surf hotel is 3 or 4 star yet they provide free wifi for everybody to use, come on Vivanta by Taj stop being so tight.

Anyway enough about the wifi, Vivanta by Taj hotel, Bentota is a lovely hotel, we are currently holidaying here with our 8 month old baby and she is having a great time. The pool is lovely but there are not enough sun loungers by the pool by a long shot, meaning you have to get up very early if you want to snag one, again not what one quite expects from a 5 star hotel. If you fail to get a sun lounger you then have to go to the beach and try your luck there but the sea is quite rough so if you want to cool yourself down you have to make your way to the lift to the fourth floor where the swimming pool actually is. This is quite annoying.

They do have a lovely bar though with live music which is relaxing although no happy hour. Children and babies are allowed in the bar so thats a massive plus if you’re here with a family.

The breakfast buffet is good and they do provide high chairs, having a 8 month old baby who likes to try and feed herself means unfortunately a lot of the food finds it way onto the floor and the breakfast staff weren’t to grumpy about this. We got a few looks but on the whole staff were very friendly.

Vivanta by Taj do not provide an in house babysitting service but they do call babysitters from outside the hotel to look after your child. This was a big mistake as the woman although nice was incompetent. We booked a baby sitter for 3 hours during the day and provided her with food to feed the baby, you would think this would be an easy enough task for a babysitter. However when we came to the room to check on her an hour later, our poor baby was crying her heart out as she hadn’t been fed! The babysitter didn’t seem to understand that food gets thrown on the floor and so was trying to force feed her which clearly did not go down well with our baby so the baby sitter thought she wasn’t hungry. She was told that our baby likes to feed herself and given explicit instruction but she didn’t listen. We were so furious, my husband then placed all the food we had for our baby on the table and showed her how she likes to feed herself and if food gets thrown on the floor then it gets thrown on the floor, it’s not the end of the world. Anyway by this point i had lost all faith in her and we told her we didn’t need her anymore.

All in all though the Taj, Bentota is an excellent hotel, staff were very friendly, the breakfast was good, the bar was excellent (atmospheric and they played  live music every night) their restaurant called The Shack was brilliant. It only specialises in seafood grilled on the bbq and you eat under the stars whilst being serenaded by a Sri Lankan band playing songs Hawianian style. Just brilliant. Our room was a happy room, light colours, bright and airy. Whilst they need to provide more sun loungers for their guests by the pool I’d highly recommend this hotel and if we were to come back to Bentota we’d stay here again.

Is the Vivanta by Taj Hotel, Bentota Baby Friendly?


1. Yes, they have an excellent swimming pool for babies and children with fountains etc to keep a baby entertained.

2. Vivanta by Taj Bentota do offer a  a baby sitting service but we found the woman they sent to be incompetent.

3. The rooms are happy and bright so you don’t mind spending time playing with baby in them.

4. Vivanta by Taj Bentota provide baby cots free of charge.

5. Vivanta by Taj Bentota provide high chairs for meals.

6. Staff are very friendly and don’t mind playing with baby.

7. They have an enclosed air conditioned bar that babies and children are allowed in and as it’s air conditioned you don’t have to worry about your baby getting too hot.


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