Welligama Bay Resort Hotel

Welligama bay resort hotel sri lanka

This hotel is awful. It markets itself as luxurious but we found it anything but. True, it is the nicest hotel in Welligama but that is not saying much as it’s practically the only hotel in Welligama if you don’t include guest houses.

One of the major problems is a massive Marriott hotel is being built next door and has been for the past 3 years. A local told us the hotel won’t be finished until April 2015. When our taxi pulled up you could hear all the banging, drilling and the sound of the crane, you could here this noise by the small pool, in the room, in reception, EVERYWHERE.

As it’s February, this is peak season in Sri Lanka so prices are sky high, when you include the 26% government tax and service  you’re nearly paying £200 a night! £200 a night for banging and large construction noises, it’s outrageous. But that’s not the only problem, clever photography makes the pool look larger than it actually is, in reality it’s quite small and simple.

The photography they supplied to Booking.com also makes the Welligama Bay Resort hotel look like it has extensive lavish grounds, they don’t.

The actual area where the sun loungers are is a small strip of land by the pool where all the old wooden sun loungers are crammed next to each other, most of which are covered in bird poo. The sun lounger cushions were mostly torn with the filing spilling out. Really not what you expect when you are paying so much money.

There is actually nothing to see in Welligama no bars no real restaurants, the town which you have to get a tuk tuk to, is shall we say primitive and I’m being polite. The only reason why you’d be staying at the Welligama Bay Resort Hotel is to do Whale watching in Mirissa. The thing is the hotel is not worth the money but it’s the nicest hotel in Welligama and there lies the problem.

If you want to stay somewhere lovely the Fortress hotel was 20 mins in a tuk tuk and was incredible. Massive pool, on the beach, incredibly luxurious. Stay there and get a taxi  in to do the Whale watching if you want to stay somewhere lovely.

Is the Welligama Bay Resort Hotel Baby Friendly?

1. Yes they had a high chair but it was covered in rust!

2. They did make her steamed fish and vegetables when we asked for her dinner so that was lovely.

3. They do provide baby cots.

4. They do not provide babysitters nor could you get one from outside the hotel.

5. When we saw the construction work we complained to the manager and informed her that we just wanted to leave and as we had the baby she said she understood and made sure we only paid for the 1 night as opposed to the 3 we booked. She didn’t have to do that.

In essense, I would never ever stay here regardless of the construction work as the pool is too small, the sun loungers awful and you’re trapped you have no choice but to stay and eat in the hotel as Welligama is just not developed.




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