Is Le Meridian Hotel Chiang Mai Baby Friendly?

Le Meridian Chiang Mai Baby Friendly?

No is the answer to this question and if you have a baby I would recommend definitely NOT staying here. There are quite a few reasons why we really did not enjoy our stay here.

1. I ordered some food for our 9 month old baby for her dinner, just some plain steamed fish and vegetables and some Papaya for desert. Normally, in the hotels we’ve stayed in they haven’t charged us for her food or if so the price has been minimal, just a few pounds. So Imagane my shock when I’m presented with a bill for 450 Baht! That’s £9 for a bit of steamed fish and veg for a 9 month old baby! Come on that’s a joke, you charge less for a burger.

2. On the morning we were leaving it was really hot, 34 degrees and our baby wasn’t very well so rather than go out I thought I’m just going to have to be fleeced again and pay another £9 for her food. Anyway, I went to place her order at 11am and was told the kitchen is closed! Closed? This is supposedly a 5 star hotel, how can it be closed. The woman couldn’t have cared less and had a bad attitude and then said: “Anyway you have to order off the menu”. Well, clearly not as yesterday’s dinner showed. So I had to send my husband out and luckily he found a stall selling roast chicken for just 100 Baht, that’s just £2!

3. We booked the club lounge and upon checking in was told you weren’t allowed to wear shorts, sandals, flip flops in the lounge. I thought this was abit silly in a city that is so humid in a hotel that is servicing holiday-makers. What’s wrong with wearing flip flops in a hot country whilst on holiday in the evening. However, we stuck to the rules, I dressed up only to find lots of people in shorts and flip flops.  If you are going to have rules and tell people these upon check in, either enforce them so it’s one rule for all or don’t have them! Otherwise your rules just seem ridiculous.

4. On Le Meridian hotel Chiang Mai states they offer baby sitting services. When I asked if we could book a baby sitter for the following evening, I was told they only provide baby sitting services for children over 2years old! So no hang on, you don’t provide baby sitting services then, you provide child-minding services! Anyway I thought this was so ridiculous, we’ve had no problem booking a baby sitter for our baby in Bangkok, Sri Lanka, Dubai or Jordan. Therefore we decided to leave Le Meridian Chiang Mai and move to the Shang-ri-la down the road that Does provide baby sitters for ALL ages.  So therefore if you have a baby under 2 and need a baby sitter don’t come here as they won’t oblige you.

5. The pool is really cold! How the swimming pool can be so cold when it’s 34 degrees I have no idea but it is and is too cold for our baby, another disappointment.

All in all, we found Le Meridian Chiang Mai hotel to be very disappointing and we definitely won’t be back.

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